Distillery Friends of the House Gin


🎶One elephant went out to play
🎶 In the Savanna one day
🎶 He had such enormous fun
🎶 That he called for another elephant to come
Perhaps the next elephant going out to play is our new little GinCanDo elephant. For a couple of weeks ago a little elephant suddenly was knocking on our door, and who will reject a charming little elephant called GinCanDo – we certainly wouldn’t do that!
The new little elephant already feels comfortable in our existing Elephant gin family under the protection of the strong matriarch.

As one of the Big Five, then the elephant is a synonym of the African continent. However, both African elephant species are currently listed as vulnerable, which likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening their survival and reproduction are improved. Beside their love for gin, then the founders felt so passionately for a vision to conserve the wildlife of Africa, that they decided to launch a product that would help conservation trusts. The people behind the Elephant gin brand strongly believe that this generation has a responsibility to support the African wildlife today, so coming generations can continue to enjoy it and not at least see this iconic animal play in the savanna tomorrow.
Elephant Gin contributes 15% of profits to elephant conservation charities, so if you not already have this elephantastic gin in cabinet then please yourself, and not forgetting the African elephants by finding this gin in your local gin store.

We love this Elephant London Dry Gin that captures the spirit of Africa. Its innovative blend of 14 botanicals combines rare African ingredients with fresh apples that make this gin distinct from any other gins on the gin savanna. Thanks Elephant Gin for the introduction of your amazing gin, but much more important your passion for the African continent and all its ‘habitant’.