Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Alive and Kicking

The first reference sparkling in our heads when enjoying the first sip of SAB’s Le Gin was actually champagne. After a little research about champagne, then it’s definitely making sense. A key element of this gin is an ‘eaux-de-vie’ distilled of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which also is the predominant grape varieties in champagne. The champagne track is enlightened with a light cannon if mixing the gin with a neutral and and strongly carbonated tonic. Then you both will have the winy-fruitiness and the bubbles. The yearly search for a useful sparkling wine for toasting in New Year is definitely over – in the future a ‘SAB’s Le Gin et Tonic’ will be the New Year toasting drink no. 1 for all gin aficionados’.

The gin including a maceration of juniper and 14 other aromatic botanicals in a grain alcohol – followed by an addition and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay eaux-de-vie from the best wine yards of Burgundy. The maceration is redistilled in a vapor still. After minimum 3 months rest in stainless steel vats, then the gin is bottled in a beautiful brown pharmaceutical bottle. The print on the label is stylish matching the hand-laid blue wax cap.

SAB’s distillery ‘Alambic Bourguignon’ is preserving the old tradition of the traveling distiller. The “traveling” still, a very special still because it is moveable, and operating literally on the wine field just after the harvest of the grapes. The three-vessel copper still captures in the vapor the nuances and aromas of Burgundy grapes, often considered as the best in the world. This is how SAB’s can bottle the best of the entire Burgundy in their products.

Thanks Alambic Bourguignon for serving this ‘SAB’s creation’ in our glasses. We’re completely agree with your statement -this type of spirits are expressive, creative, irregular, but very much alive. Thanks for waking up our taste buds with this ‘one of a kind’ gin.

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