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If you’re a SoMe texting expert then you properly already know this ‘SiWu-abbreviation’; What U See Is What U Get – and this is definitely the case with today’s SiWu gin. The bottle radiate style and authenticity, and you won’t be disappointed when tasting the second gin from the pipeline of SiWu Distillery.

The master distillers; Nicolai & Jonas have found their inspiration to new SiWu Rosehip Gin in the Danish summer. The used rosehip which numerous grows all over our beautiful coastline, captures this amazing and seasonal smell of the Danish summer and beach trips. Jointly with the rose petals, then the rosehip adding an extra gentle layer of floral flavors to the deep and smooth notes from basic spirit based on barley malt. The SiWu gin recognition come from the used of the classic botanicals; juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peel, which are recurrent botanicals from debut gin.

As usual it’s a high quality product when SiWu Distillery is printed on the label, due to their chef background then Nicolai & Jonas process and supervise all stages of the manufacturing process to make sure that everything about the product is always like they want it to be. The philosophy of SiWu Distillery is to handcraft EVERYTHING and keep track on every single process from grain to glass, which they believe convey their passion into the spirit and gives the gins an authentic and unique SiWu-expression.
Thank you SiWu Distillery for once again showing us your originality and creative abilities in the distillery test laboratory. One more ‘Michegin star’ to your Wall of Fame.

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