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Bristol Old Timer

Take a metropolitan area like London, place it in your largest stock pot. Bring it to the boiling point and allow to simmer for a day or two. Remember to skim off the patches of dirty bubbles from the surface while reducing the size by removing all the redundant ‘big city junk’ from the pot. The results will be a delicious gourmet sauce called Bristol, as it’s the perfect mix of cosmopolitan city life and English countryside.
Bristol must simple be the coolest city in Britain! Nothing less than must be the right description of the city, since it has giving us Cary Grant, J.K. Rowling, Massive Attack, Potishead and even Darth Vader and the Stig have grown up in this city.

The latest gift from Bristol to the world is this multiple awards winning Bristol Dry Gin, that radiates ‘110% Rock N’ Roll’ with its old school black and white label and the very classic dry gin profile. No needs for settle the unicorns for a PR-ride down the high street of Bristol, this gin will sell itself. We love the classic and well-balanced expression, which stylish is composed with juniper, citrus and angelica root. A gin with a classic dry profile deserves to be enjoyed in an Old Timer cocktail. Our take on a ‘Bristol Martini’ is the perfect way to recover your depots with a vitamin C boost before starting a hard working week.

Find recipe here

Bristol, we will be back. Thanks Bristol Dry Gin for giving us your little finger, and sorry that we in return have ripped of the whole hand. We simple love everything about Bristol, and not at least your fantastic gin, so we looking forward to taste rest of the gin assortment from the hand of yours.

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