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Quel Goût- incroyable gin

Merci monsieur Robicquet!
Je vous remercie de votre aimable attention.

Receiving this unicum of a bottle have felt us with an overwhelming feeling of pride. No just the limited edition of Nouaison Gin Reserve -the latest addition to the G’vine family, but a nonesuch bottle with our name engraved.
Thank you from the bottom of a full Nouaison bottle!

The bottle will definitely be positioned on the place of honor on the trophy shelf of GinCanDo. Luckily, our friend from Østjysk Vinforsyning had an extra bottle so we also had the chance to taste this amazing gin that has been aged in Cognac barrels. What an amazing smoothness from the grape spirit, underneath the strength of the aromatic spices and the graceful round finish from the barrel ageing process. Even though, the bottle was followed by a personal encouragement of Mr. Robicquet to discover the creation inspiration it brings – then tonight this Nouaison Gin Reserve simply deserves to be enjoyed as it is – completely naked without disturbances.
Simplement excellent! Quel Goût- incroyable gin. Merci.

Thank you Julian for being our nominator to this great greeting from Maison Villevert – and not at least the guided tour in the Copenhagen HQ of Østjysk Vinforsyning.

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