Gin Tonic

Christmas Pleasure

GinCanDo is celebrating the coming of Christmas.

Tonight, we’re celebrating the Christmas coming by lighting the first gin in our Advent wreath. This ETSU, which in Japanese meaning pleasure bringing us hope of a ginful Christmas season that after all mentally can bring us all from dusk to dawn in the coming period.

This light from Asahikawa Distillery from the northern island of Hokkaido uses juniper, bitter orange peels, licorice roots and angelica and two more very secret botanicals in their definition of Japanese pleasure. The secret ingredients add both a floral and lively spicy touch to the more classic botanicals.
The pink grapefruit from the Double Dutch skinny tonic water bringing piquancy to the served GT, and the notes from the gin balancing the quinine’s crispness with a rounded aftertaste.

Happy first Sunday of Advent everyone, with the wishes of a ginful Christmas season. The gin is a gift from some missed ex-colleagues with a very good gin taste, and with a little advent help from our friends from Scape Spirits that have delivered this wonderful tonic – then we actually from our point of view has started the Christmas season perfectly.