Friends of the House Gin

Legendary Shopping Street

If it’s time for some relaxing Christmas shopping this weekend then you perhaps should pay 801 Gin St. a visit. At this legendary address, you will find the perfect gift for every gin lovers. If you yourself are a gin connoisseur in spe, then we’ll recommend to by a little extra present for yourself as well. 801 Gin St. has a delicious classic gin taste with a heavy juniper note, but still with a soft expression like snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve, while every good behaved children impatient waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.

Our good gin friend Jesper Schmidt can deliver a lot of ginspiration for the perfect serve of this and other amazing gins, so do not despair if you still are a confused gin rookie then just grab one of his books on the bookshelf -then you’re already on the highway to gin heaven.

Thanks for this elongated gin serve, but it was definitely worth waiting for 😉

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