Distillery Friends of the House Gin Review

Jüst Drink It.

One of the key characteristics of Swedish culture is that Swedes are egalitarian in nature, humble and with very traditional view. Swedes prefer to include others and find boasting behavior absolutely unacceptable.

In many ways today’s gin is a mirror image of Sweden – and despite the stereotype labels it’s actually meant as a huge compliment, since many modern gins are often camouflaging the origin with the use of all kind of dominating exotic botanicals.
In Sweden dill is a staple culinary herb why it has been a bright decision to 100% dedicate the taste profile to fresh dill. Due to the taste, Jüst gin has a huge gastronomic potential, where the delicious mild, refreshing and harmonious dill taste strongly nail this gin together with the Swedish kitchen and not forgetting the classic local snaps traditions, where dill for centuries has been used as a key ingredient.

In Sweden they have a philosophy on life called ‘Lagom’ and it means ‘Not too little. Not too much. Just right’ – and it’s exactly what this gin is. Just as the Swedish people then underneath the primary dill note, then the gin recipe embracing a worldwide contribution such as juniper from the Austrian Alps, paradise grain from West Africa, licorice root from Ceylon, and lastly sweet and bitter almond from the Mediterranean area. However, the international input is just ‘Lagom’; ‘Not too little. Not too much. Jüst right’
The humble and classic exterior of the bottle fulfilling the perfect mirror imaging of Sweden, so drink Jüst Dill Gin and you will literally meet the Swedes – and you won’t be disappointed.

Our taste buds love the combination of dill and orange, so our twist of the perfect Jüst GT is a splash of neutral tonic, and garnished with fresh orange peel and of course some dill topping. Mission accomplished, you guys have definitely succeed to create an unique gin, that must be enjoyed the neat the ‘snaps way’ or with a little tonic.

Thanks for letting us do the test driving – we Jüst love it.

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