Distillery Friends of the House Gin

The Red-colored guiding-star

The first week of December is already gone, Christmas is arriving in the horizon with the same speed as Santa’s reindeers on a Christmas night. If you tonight have seen a red light on the sky, then it wasn’t Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the front of Santa’s reindeer sleigh on a practice session before the big night. The red light was properly from the Kapriol Sloe Gin sleigh that tonight was landing in our collection.

Kapriol Sloe Gin is a perfect apéritif before the Christmas period is reaching the final stage. The red colored liquor has a smooth, soft and supple texture, someone will properly use the season term Christmassy to summarize the Kapriol Sloe Gin. The Kapriol Sloe Gin is offering a fruity bouquet of aromas, and a charming Christmas reminiscent from the old days. The taste of wild sloe berry is perfectly balanced by soft bitterness from hops.
The liquor isn’t as intensive and heavy as other Sloe gin on the market, so it doesn’t leave you with a cloying and full taste in the mouth when consumed – with other words just perfect for a neat serving ‘on the rocks’.

Thanks Kapriol Gin and Lahvino for this Christmassy drink, now we’re filled up and ready for the last mile – definitely a wonderful Christmas relief serving.