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Olá Brasil!

The number of Brazilian followers at our profile clearly indicating a huge and growing ginterest for our beloved gin obsession. For us, gin is without any competition the samba of all the spirit types -fun, upbeat and lively. And after a cocktail or two then this spirit can supply even none-rhythmic Danes with syncopated timing, bounce, rolling hip actions and pelvic tilts like the students from a Brazilian samba school the night before the opening of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

In respect for our numerous Brazilian follows, we for a while intensively have searched for the perfect gin for our first Brazilian gin taste. The perfect gin for this first appearance must be Amázzoni Gin from Brazil’s first exclusive gin distillery which is housed in an old decommissioned coffee farm surrounded by imperial palm trees, rivers and fields. Amázzoni Gin is a classic and complex gin. It is a mix of classic English botanicals and new botanicals from Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. The recipe is completely unique. Several of the ingredients have not been seen in gin before. A Brazilian sour cucumber called Maxixe, the Cipó-Cravo liana, Victoria Amazonica and the local Brazil nut and cocoa beans, beside more classic gin botanicals such as coriander, lemon, mandarin orange.

A wild gin need a wild contrast from the tonic. Wild Botanical Tonic from Imperdibile tonic has a delicious fruity sweetness which matches the mysterious Brazilian notes excellent.
The wildest GT on Earth! Cheers – or more appropriate Saúde!

Thanks Lahvino for the samba lessons – hopefully more Brazilian adventures are waiting for us in the future. With a country full of gin lovers there must definitely be more gin treasures to reveal. Any insider knowledge about Brazilian gin out there?

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