Distillery Friends of the House Gin Tonic

Victory March

Once upon time in Belgium, Dutchman Benno Klopman ordered his first gin and tonic, and of course he was blown away. From a beer and wine drinker he became a real gin enthusiast. After a lot of self-studying, a number of distillation workshops and courses, mr. Klopman in 2017 decided to turn his hobby into his profession. Three years later his Dutch Courage has been exchanged with an impressive portfolio of four high quality gins. Mr. Klopman is in exclusively in charge of the research and development process, and he is furthermore using the best pots at one of the GRAND OLD distilleries in Schiedam (‘the birthplace of gin’) – so it was definitely with sky-high expectation the testing of Janneman Gin was initiated.

In this case our high expectations didn’t lead to any disappointments. Janneman Gin is a beer cask matured gin with a delicious spiciness and subtle citrus notes. The citrus and peppery giving Timut pepper from Nepal has also found its way to this interesting gin from Stokerij Klopman. After distillation, the Janneman gin is matured in a medium toasted American oak cask on which the famous Hertog Jan beer previous also been aged. This is adding delicate vanilla, grain and ‘oak’ tones to the taste palette of the gin.

Janneman has found its perfect match in Dastonic Trend tonic from Mistelhain. The Trend tonic attaches some light fruitiness that soften the deep notes from the cask ageing process. It’s almost Christmas -so as the star on the top of our GT tree, we have used a vanilla bean, a dried orange wheel and some ginger as garnish.

Love is not a victory march, but serving this gin and tonic is very close. Hallelujah. Thanks Benno for providing one of the key ingredients to this perfect Christmas GT – looking already forward to checking out rest of your pipeline. Only fault with Janneman gin is the size of the bottle, it’s simply emptied too fast.

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