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Galaxy Tour

Travel is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons, especially of different cultures. Don’t forget to talk with the people you encounter on your way. Expand your worldview, experience, and opinions as much as possible by listen when people speak, rather than just waiting to talk. Seek out people with different backgrounds than yours, otherwise your thinking will always be limited to your own opinions and experiences.
To open our minds, we’ll the coming period be on a formation journey after spirits that can enlarging our own understanding of gin.

Today we’ve checked-in on the luxurious Hotel Starlino Rosso Vermouth, which actually is a nice place to visit to discover unknown areas of our own gin backyard.
Starlino Rosso Vermouth is a traditional red Vermouth di Torino aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels for a rich, warm, spicy aroma and flavor. The close affiliation with gin is seen in the botanical list which mainly including ingredients your also can find in gin such as rhubarb, ginger, vanilla pods, orange peel- not forgetting the grapes from the Marsala and Trebbiano wines used as ‘base’ of this vermouth.

Vermouth and gin is like Ying and Yang for the perfect martini, so tonight we’re enjoying a perfect Bergamot Martini to experience the full potential of this delicious Rosso Vermouth from Starlino.

Galaxy Martini
See recipe here

Aim for the moon, then you’ll definitely land in the Bergamot suite of the Starlino hotel. Thanks Lahvino for bringing these three Italian stars into our Gin Galaxy.

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