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Royal Vermouth

This New Year period is the perfect time to reflect on the past. Seize the opportunity to take stock of what all has gone by- the highs and the lows, the hits and the misses, the gains and the losses, the challenges and the opportunities, the experiences earned, the lessons learnt. Instead of dwelling of the past, we’ve this year tried a more progressive behavior by planting the seeds for our dreams for the coming year.
The first seed planted in 2021 was a renewing of our gin membership. Hereby, we’ve optimized the possibility for fulfilling rest of our dreams for this year. We’re dreaming of a year with highlights and lowlights, hits and misses, gain and losses, the challenges and the opportunities, experiences to be earned and lessons to be learnt….as long it’s including gin then we’ll take it all. Hopefully this year also will give us the possibility to meet you guys out there in the real world for a gin toast or two …..

Next step to fulfilling our dreams must be to ‘drown’ the dry January concept- that now officially has been been parked on the parking lot of stupid ideas. Why miss an entire month with this divine drink? So we’ve started this hopefully gintastic year by serving this La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc. This vermouth is a part of the impressive collection of Maison Villevert, that also including the G’Vine and Nouaison gin brands. Since Nouaison Gin Reserve was one of our highlights from last year, then tonight’s serving also give us the possibility for some reflection of the past.
One part of the vermouth and two parts of the gin created this lovely Brown Martini from Maison Villevert.

Thanks Julian and Østjysk Vinforsyning for the inspiration for this gorgeous serving of the barrel aged Nouaison gin reserve and the fruity La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc.

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