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Today’s enjoyment is a new Danish gin, not a new pastry recipe including gin even through that also sound delicious – but a handcrafted small batch gin from Vrads destilleri in Denmark. The distillery which was established in the summer 2020 is hidden deep into the heart of a lovely country side of mid-Jutland far from any huge towns, down a dirt road which turns into a very narrow and bumpy dirt path that finally ends in the courtyard of the distillery. In these scenic surroundings, Marie and Kristoffer had the perfect conditions at Vrads destilleri to find botanicals and inspiration for the development of not just a gin, but ‘THE GIN’.

THE GIN London Dry is a truly good CLASSIC gin without any disturbing ‘unicorn dust’ in an attempt of differentiating themselves from the growing mass of new gins that constantly flowing into the market. THE GIN is distilled on self-produced alcohol and vapor infused with selected gin typical botanicals such as juniper, coriander, lemon peel and white pepper- so THE GIN has definitely THE characteristic taste of real GIN. THE GIN has a lovely dryness with a noticeable pine flavor due to the generous use of juniper. Behind the pine, you find the citrus note and the spiciness from the coriander and pepper.
We have chosen to enjoy THE GIN with a neutral tonic, and boosted the pine and the citrus notes by garnishing the GT with some lemon peel and a twig of rosemary.

If you try to Google ‘the taste of a classic gin’, then we’re sure that Wikipedia after today has corrected and shortened the explanation to ‘the taste of THE GIN’. Thanks Marie and Kristoffer for the serving of your bid of the perfect classic gin – we just love it. Our warmest recommendation if you guys are looking for THE GIN to THE COLLECTION of yours.

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