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Spaanse Furie

An empty barrel makes the greatest sound, so shouldn’t we get this weekend started by emptying an old oak barrel from the cellar of Stokerij Klopman – containing a lovely mixture of Spain fury and Dutch courage. The sound coming from this empty barrel is beautiful as an Angel choir – luckily the conductor of the choir is our very own guardian angel since we’ve been blessed with a bottle of the this lovely Spaanse Furie Gin.

Spaanse Furie Gin is a Dutch Dry PX Cask Gin from Haarlem. It is a spicy gin with subtle fruitiness and fresh citrus notes, encapsulated in a full-bodied caramelly and woody cover, that indulges your senses.
After distillation, the gin is aged on a heavily toasted Spanish oak barrel that is used to hold Pedro Ximenez sherry. The recommendation from Stokerij Klopman is to enjoy this gin neat, we’re fully agree this gin tastes excellent purely ‘on-the-rock’, but can also be served on the side to a cup of coffee after dinner.

Thanks Benno for this Spanish bossa nova from your amazing catalog of wonderful gins. We love the way you use ‘different beats’ that in the end are flowing together in a perfect legato. Thanks.

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