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Orange is the New Blankeneser

Orange is the new from Blankeneser.

This created opening saying is beside being a spinoff of the title of a very popular Hollywood TV series, actually it’s embracing the key stones of the foundation of today’s gin from the suburban quarter in the western part of Hamburg called Blankeneser. Orange is the eye-catching color on the labels with sport hand-engraved motifs accompanied with stories of picturesque Blankenese and spin yarns from distant lands. The Premium dry gin series from Fine Blankeneser Goods is containing 23 different motifs and catchy stories on the back of the labels, and we’ve started our own private Blankeneser gin collection with the iconic shipwreck ‘MS Uwe’ that sunk in 1975 just outside the town after collision against a coaster.

Orange is also the turning point of the recipe which is assembling an bittersweet bouquet of unfurling hints of notes from both orange peel and orange blossom. Surrounded by the wreck chunks from ‘MS Uwe’ – notes of coriander, ginger, angelica root, Ceylon cinnamon, wormwood, lemongrass, meadowsweet, lavender, cardamom are elegant flooding among your taste buds underpinning the classic fresh juniper and the clear orange notes from the gin.
Full speed on the orange engine in our ‘GT Uwe’ by mixing this fantastic gin with Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic Water. The sweet Valencian oranges and the infused lemongrass from this tonic suits this wonderful gin, und underline the idea and expression of the gin excellent. The GT is of cause garnished with a dried orange wheel.

Sabina and rest of the team behind Fine Blankeneser Goods thank you very much for your private guided tour to the shipwreck of ‘MS Uwe’. The serving was just perfect for the sightseeing, and we’ll definitely use your other bottles as our compass and storyteller next time we pass your area.

Danke schön.

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