Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Meet the Dockers

Tonight we’re taking a walk in the streets of Bristol. Starting at 99 Queens Rd by absorbing extra light in these dark days by enjoying a sparkling serve of the Tropical ’99 Queens’ Gin. Full of energy after this sun booster of a gin ,we’re drawn by a luxurious treatment downtown. A wonderfully fruity multi-award winning expression is this time served in our glasses. It’s a Bilberry Edition of the much-loved Bristol Dry Gin!

After both a extra supplement of sun light and fruit, then we’re ready to meet the ‘Dockers’ in the Harbor of Bristol. As lovers of potent gin, then this Bristol Dry Gin Dockers 55% must be the highlight of tonight’s walk. The high ABV and the spicy peppery notes, works excellent as a defroster on our freezing extremities. After having regained a healthy internal body temperature by the neat tasting, then our night walk is finalized by an extra strong Dockers GT with a peel from a fresh lemon and some ice.

Cheers Bristol Dry Gin – if you ever have a gin ship to be unloaded then please count me in as one of your Dockers. Thanks for the servings.

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