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Bearded like a Gintleman!

It’s science that bearded gins are stronger, happier, healthier, manlier and better tasting than bald-faced gins.

Hence, this beard-crafted gintleman of a gin from Piero Dry Gin tonight is served in our cocktail glasses. No beard is found in the glasses, but a delicious sweetness from the used of oranges, which gives a wonderful contrast to the bitterness of the juniper and the spiciness from some of the other traditional gin-botanicals found in this classic gin. With a little help from the bald-faced tonic chap Thomas Henry, we’ve found a perfect ‘campagno’ for a real gentleman GT. The classic tonic from Thomas Henry adds a excellent balance, fine scent, and perfect effervescence to the GT.
Together, these chaps are unquestionably the perfect treatment against a bad Beard Day!

From one bearded dude to another, thanks for this serving, you definitely fixed my beard tonight. It’s more shinier and soft than ever – someone will actually say it’s trimmed to perfection. Well done, Sir!

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