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Master Distiller in Your Own Life

The BEST gin in the world……. or else you only have yourself to blame. Finally, our friends from have succeeded to restock this blockbuster selling Do-Your-Gin kit.

Are you ready to be your own Master Distiller? Impress your friends by creating your own gin from scratch or perhaps just refining a good gin from your private bar cabinet -with this kit you have the possibility to add the extra botanical(s) that can make your favorite gin even more perfect to your favorite cocktail.
If you’re the fearless Master Distiller type then your should consider to get a Do-Your-Whisky kit from’s giftbox assortment as well – honestly we do not know anything about whisky so instead of doing whiskey, we’ll use the woodchips from this box to create a barrel aged version of our perfect gin.

Thanks Johan and for introducing us to these boxes, it is definitely cheaper than buying a full-size distiller pot for fulfilling our master distiller dreams – and including the drinking time each box including many hour of gin fun. Cheers (in a couple of days), when our first take on the perfect gin is ready for the first tasting.

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