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Worth Every Penny

Doing your own gin doesn’t make you a Master Distiller any more going to a garage makes you an automobile – someone will say. However, it’s fun to ‘do your gin’, and especially the feeling open up your bottle in anticipation something great is going to happen for the gin world -is worth every penny of this ‘Do Your Gin’ giftset.

We won’t be humble – our take on a traditional gin is a master piece …..…not at least in our hearts. Sure when the macerating period is over this gin will transform itself into a ginlixir and a nonesuch bottle in our collection.

If you need a gift for yourself or perhaps to a friend with a terrible gin collection, then check out and find this giftset for a night full of fun creating the BEST gin you can find. Thanks Johan for being our friend that apparently think we’ve a terrible gin collection.

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