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Kapriol museum of gin art

If red makes a bold impression, then we for sure must have your attention concerning tonight’s serving. Ever though, red is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light, then we haven’t reached the bottom of the gin spectrum with this Kapriol’s Blood orange and Peach gin. Both the smell and the palate are inviting you to conjure up something creative. Tonight, we don’t paint dreams or nightmares on the canvas, instead we are creating masterpieces behind the bar desk.

There are certainly hidden lively and vibrant notes underneath the shades of red that meet you at first sight. The gin is fresh and fruity, but the background from the original 1948 recipe of the Kapriol Dry Gin can’t deny itself. Despite the intense red color, then you are absolutely finding a gin in the bottle with lovely juniper and citrus notes. But with chamomile, gentian, lavender, rosehip, blood orange and peach on the ingredient list as well -then you are of course finding a gin with a feminine and gentle expression to the sweet side.

The mild appearance makes the gin ideal for mixing with the Pompelmo Rosso from Galvanina, that also is adding an elegant matching sweetness to the cocktail. Just fill the glass with ice and a dehydrated blood orange on the top, then your masterpiece is ready to be enjoyed. Cheers.

Thanks Kapriol gin and Lahvino for the (g)invitation to the Kapriol museum of gin art – we loved the visit and hopefully soon we will get the possibility for a revisit in your colorful universe.

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