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The beach is calling

♫ Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high…..♫

Perhaps, this iconic George Gershwin lullaby verse should be the text to our review of Brennerei zum Tröpfli’s Summer Time gin. Just serving the gin and put on the Ellen Fitzgerald version of the song on the stereo, then you’ll catch the mood and the feeling without further wording.

Summer Time Gin is a fresh and summerish blackberry, raspberry and redcurrant gin composition, using marshmallow root, sweet flag and turmeric to add an interesting exotic laying into the recipe palette of remarkable sunny notes. With this kind of Summertime in the cocktail glass, then ‘the livin’ is easy’ until the meteorological summertime soon will be knocking on our doors again. This gin could very well be the soundtrack of our coming summer.
Due to the lovely summer aroma of distilled raspberries and strawberries, then Trend Tonic Water from Mistelhain must be the perfect choir singer for our ‘GT summertime’ song. The modern fruity tonic is giving the GT a remarkable finish stroke of summer and beach party.

The beach is calling – and we must go. Life is simply better in flip flops, enjoying the Summertime – thanks Stefan and Brennerei zum Tröpfli for your tribute to our summertime. Cheers!

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