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Mill Gin in the Gin Mill

Stick to the classics, and you can’t ever go wrong. Why change something that has worked for centuries?
Since the first gin distillate became a fact in the early summer of 2016 in the old mill in Stenstorp in the middle of Sweden, then this classic dry gin from Vinolin has rejoiced the gin world unconditional.

Normally, when tasting a gin with a fabulous style and appearance, then we as true old gin style lovers often realize -it’s because the key elements of the gin are centered around the most classic gin botanicals. Mill Gin is no exception from this observation. The gin has an excellent juniper center stock with the lovely classic and well-balanced expression of a true ‘old-timer’ London Dry Gin. The citrus flavor is adding the right lubrication for at frictionless spinning of the mill wings while aromas of coriander and licorice root gently are captured into the wing sails as a breeze on a summer day.
The gin is elegant and soft but still with a sharp dry gin edge, that calling for a classic Indian tonic for a tremendous windy GT. The classic style makes Mill Gin suitable for both a classic ‘gin on the rocks’ or as quality gin in your cocktails.

Thanks Marc and Vinolin for the Swedish Mill spinning. We love this kind of balance disorders as long it’s caused by an old-timer carousel as Mill Gin. Skål!

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