Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Anything else than Irrelephant

The fastest elephant calf on the savannah…..? This new Elephant Orange Cocoa gin must unquestionably be one of the fastest in her herd – this morning this youngster of a choco orange elephant was born in Wittenburg in the northern part of Germany, and already a couple of hours later it was majestic marching into our home bar ready to join the party on our savannah.

The gin is absolutely not irrelephant. The Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin has an refreshing citrus note from the generous use of fresh oranges, which in combination with a charming raciness of the light roasted cocoa beans -indulge your senses with an extra layer of complexity to the already outstanding classic Elephant London Dry Gin which is used as basis recipe.
Together with your favorite tonic and an orange peel on the top, this gin is the perfect and gentle elephant’s kick into the weekend.

Even though, you don’t necessary have to drink this elephant one sip at a time, then it’s very tempting just to let the trunk keep falling into the glass. Thanks Lára and rest of the elephants in the herd. Gigantic congratulation with the new member of the Elephant gin family. Pawoo!