Distillery Friends of the House Gin

The Second Spring

Someone say, that Autumn must be the second spring season because every leaf is becoming a colorful flower this time of the year. This is why, it must be appropriate with an off-season travel with Autumn Emotions served in our glasses on this lovely April day.

The Autumn Emotions Gin has absolute a fragrant and colorful bouquet of orange, lemon, licorice root, cinnamon, sweet flag and pepper, accompanied by multi-layered juniper aromas. If this is autumn, then it’s definitely the most beautiful Indian summer day that we ever have seen. The spring GT-serving of this autumn gin including an Eagle Tonic Indian, the GT is garnished with a sprig of rosemary and a dried orange wheel. The naturally bitterness from the tonic compliment the orange sweetness very well in the ‘Autumn Emotions GT’.

Time will pass and seasons will come and go – and we’re already planning next seasonal getaway after some winter breeze wearing ski and scarfs. Thanks Stefan and Brennerei Zum Tröpfli  – we’re looking forward to see you soon for some after-skiing with ‘winter breeze’ served in the cocktail glasses.

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