‘Hybris by Trolden’ is a quite interesting project from Trolden Distillery & Brewery. The purpose of the project is to revolutionize the gin category by pushing the existing boundaries to the next level. Without any manacles of doing everything the familiar and safe gin-way, then the dogma of the concept is to doing things out of the ordinary and being very aware of pushing everything to the limit – and then a little be more.

However, if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. This time ‘Hybris I’ didn’t crash into the abyss. We’ve the feeling that Daniel and the other ‘gin movers’ from the project still can find some extra inches in Hybris II, III, IV and hopefully more ……..before they’re hanging on the gin edge by their finger nails or even feel the Hubris punishment by Nemesis because of stepping outside the boundaries.

The very first Hybris gin is inspired by the dark and deep underground roots of the horseradish and the tartness from the young shoots of the lemon verbena plant. The horseradish adds a highly complex flavor, a combination of biting heat and intensity, with a beguiling undercurrent of sweetness. The strong initiated bite of the gin comes from a the mustard oil, that quickly is replaced by the sweetness of the horseradish, that following is empowered by the lively and zesty notes of the lemon verbena.

This first attempt of teasing the Olympian gods from Trolden Distillery & Brewery is enjoyed by mixing the gin in a GT with an Thomas Henry tonic. The fruity-sweet aromas of the citrus fruit from the tonic complimenting the Hybris gin excellent. In the spirit of the concept, then freshly grated horseradish and a dehydrated lemon wheel are used as garnish to be sure to emphasize the gods.

Thanks Daniel and rest of the Hybris by Trolden team for letting us taste one of the 222 limited Hybris from first Hybris run. We know this recipe has been confiscated by Nemesis for exclusive use in ‘The Greek Cosmos’ and it never comes back to your bottles – but we’re already ready to your next Hybris – and we’ll love to be accomplice by drinking the goddess drink of yours.

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