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Juniper Breeze

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness, you may ask?

Serving the last gin from the seasonal gin collection of Brennerei Zum Tröpfli, then you definitely don’t have to wait for the seasonal winter to find the sweetener for the coming summer.
The winter breeze gin from the series is with the words of the master distiller; straight, strong and honest. No doubt, you get what the label say – a winter breeze. This gin breeze is full of the purest juniper chillness that you properly can find in the gin landscape of Swiss.

We don’t have to use filler word for this review, so it could actually be our shortest overall review. One word says it all. JUNIPER.
This gin is created by punctuality, fresh Swiss air and water and a huge mountain of juniper, so if you like the pure craftsmanship, the purer juniper taste and the purest GIN expression, then this gin is
absolutely something for your shopping list.

The gin deserved to be sipped neat on the top of a Swiss mountain as a perfect after ski heater, trying to regain the perfect body temperature after a long day downhill skiing on the well-prepared ski slopes. But with a little bite of sweetness from a classic Devon Tonic water from Luscombe and a finger snap, then you can change the perfect scenery to a warm summer day hiking in the same mountains. The rare Japanese yuzu from the tonic adds a distinctive taste of summer to this winter breeze.

If this gin collection represent the metrological seasons of Switzerland, then we serious should consider immigrating to Obfelden. Thanks Stefan and Brennerei Zum Tröpfli for the tour in the seasonal scenery of your gin collection.

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