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ABV% is Just a Number

It will probably not be more Nordic than this gin from the Easternmost Finnish forests. The Blue labeled Kalevala Gin is distilled in the North Karelian very close to the Russian border.
If you closely read the small text on the label, then the wording says; ‘Navy Strenght’. However, then it must be a light version since the strength of the gin still misses some ABV, before the percentage is passing the true Navy Strength limit. On the other hand, ABV% is only a number we count -until we’re wise enough to know it doesn’t necessary matter. This gin is perfect as it is with a ABV of 50,9%, since as it always should be for a gin, then the juniper heart and soul optimal peaking in the chosen ABV level.

The Blue Kalevala Gin is a contemporary approach on a classic basis. The gin is a micro-batch production, that is gently distilled on juniper, mint, raspberry leaf, rosemary, rose buds, Jerusalem artichoke and some clandestine botanicals. Despite the high ABV, then the master distiller has succeeded to maintain a delicious sweetness and softness in the gin. But as mentioned above the real star of the show is the juniper.
From our point of view, the delicate sweetness goes very well with the exquisite and noble taste from the citrus rich Weisswange Indian tonic water. The GT is lovely garnished with a humidified orange wheel.

Thanks Kalevala Distillery and not at least @tellofrikadello for showing us your magic potion, distilled in the glow of the northern lights between the trees in the wonderful forests of Karelian. Bright, blue, and beautiful, so we’re looking forward next time to investigate the white light from your Kalevala universe.

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