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Smokey Flamingo

Ain’t no smoke without a fire, and there’s no heat without a flame – in this case there must be flames and fire all over, since this gin from Bordiga 1888 is smoking hot.
Some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs have been accidentally discovered. Examples of such brilliant discoveries, including but not limited to penicillin, plastic, cornflakes and gunpowder.

If the master distiller of Bordiga 1888 has been mad or genius by using unintentionally smoked juniper berries -will we leave unsaid. However, in the spirit of adventure, and perhaps sensing that many a great discovery could be made by chance, the distiller has used a batch of ‘coal-burning stove’ smoked juniper to make Bordiga’s first smoked gin. This gin is distilled six times, and in addition to the smoked juniper character, the gin is underneath classic marked by angelica root, cardamom and liquorice root.
In the noise the smoke is relative discrete, but on the toque the smoke is noticeable as a white flamingo on a Penny farting wearing a top hat after dark in the streets of Cuneo.

Currently, it is not time for quit smoking, so we’ve enjoyed this ‘smoke’ unfiltered on the rocks in a cool serving. In this way you will definitely find the smoke rising without any fire.
Thanks Riccardo and rest of the Bordiga 1888 team – good luck with your ongoing entry to the Danish market, we’re looking forward to meet your bottles on the Danish shelves.
Do not despair, if you stay far away from Denmark -Bordiga products are everywhere.

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