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Do you speak Occitan?

In the land of GinCanDo, then sun is shining from clear sky – properly helping us celebrating the arrival of Bordiga 1888’s product on the Danish market. At least for having the perfect excuse for a cocktail or two in the sun………

Occitan London Dry Gin makes use of hand-picked wild juniper from the isolated valleys of the Maritime Alps of Piedmont. In these unique surroundings where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, the juniper has the optimal conditions for growing rich of essential oils and fragrances. The Occitan gin recipe is among the oldest in the Italy – meaning that you beside the juniper find the real and classic gin botanicals such as angelica, spicy cardamom, coriander & lemon and orange peels.
The heavily concentration of the essential oils, makes the gin pleasantly powerful and gintense, which makes it excellent as main character in our cocktail for the celebration.

In the portfolio of SUPERIOR QUALITY Bordiga products, we have found a couple excellent ingredients for our afternoon cocktail. The Vermouth di Torino Superiore Riserva Excelsior Bordiga adds a excellent profounding and grounding of our drink, with its balsamic and floral tones. The good summer vibes is included through the lightly bitter- and sweetness from the Aperitivo.

Thanks Bordiga 1888 for the lessons in the Occitan language. Hopefully, then upcoming enjoyment of the you wonderful gin and other products does not require that we fluent master the ancient Occitan language – but sure the ongoing vaccination with the Occitan gin will help.
No doubt we can find some assistant for the basic translations by Nordic Sprits DK – next time searching for your product in their shop.


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