Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Trick-taking Card

Careful how you play your cards, when you have a gin in your hand.
However, whatever you’ve the Kalevala gin in your hand as a drink or as the card in this gin enjoyable playing card game, then you for sure will trump all other gins on the table. With this card in your hand, you can only play your hand right for a perfect gin night.

The Kalevala is not a joker, it’s a protected trick-taking card with its explosive juniper taste profile. Whereas contemporary gin is currently booming in many variations, then we’re becoming pleased every time meeting gins like this London Dry Gin from Kalevala Distillery. The gin is true to traditions and has a classic gin taste – exactly as a gin should be.
The classiness is underlined with the citrus note from the sea buckthorn and the slightly woody and piney scent from the rosemary. Beside the classic gin fragrance, you also vaguely can sense other interesting notes from mint, raspberry leaf & rose buds.

The traditional GT is served with a ‘blind loner’ of standard dry tonic, and fashionably garnish with a small branch of sea buckthorn berries with fruits on it.

The combination of the this gin and this gin card game is the ideal opportunity to spend time with good friends and get to know interesting gins better. Whether well-tried classics or newcomers – we for sure have to taste them all. Of course just as a service for you guys.
Thanks @tellofrikadello for playing these gin cards with us, and not at least for showing us how to make a the London Dry gin from Kalevala Distillery to the highest trick-taking card of the game.

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