Friends of the House Gin Tonic

Green George

Take all the best from the Slovenian mountains and forests, add some extra love and patriotism by selecting the tastes which pay the hugest respect to the region Bela Krajina – which literally meaning White March. White could very well refer to the white trunks of the birch trees, that are well represented in the …

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Distillery Drink Friends of the House Gin

Ice It

Sometimes it’s all right to take the path with least resistance. Especially, if the short cut have the most amazing scenery, that you wouldn’t have experience on the alternative detour.Someone say, that You can’t buy happiness, but instead of shaking off your arm behind the bar desk next time having guests, then you by using …

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Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Not Just Another Bottle!

We can’t state it more precisely than our favorite gin-cousins from Norlyk Distillery, doing it by themselves: ‘Not Just Another Bottle!’.In the beautiful light from the roof windows at the old Book Printing house in Tønder, the two Norlyk cousins have been boosted with a lot of positive creativity and ginspiration in the development stage …

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