Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Book Printing Gin

We love to explore new gin brands and their endeavors on ‘our’ favorite spirit, and when it’s also coming from Denmark, then we cannot help it – we’re every time being cheerful right into our deepest gin soul. Last weekend was no exception, when we on our ‘Ascension Tour’ had the pleasure of meeting two cousins, who have started a distillery in the centre of the oldest Danish Market Town.
In the old Book Printing house in Tønder very close to the Denmark -Germany border, the cousins Claus and Jesper Norlyk have opened Norlyk Distillery. The simplicity of the taste, and the respect of the traditional processes in the production process are important key parameters for the Norlyk cousins. No shortcuts are done during manufacturing, everything is made from scratch for achieving the perfect quality of their Norlyk gins, that make their customers coming back.

The simplicity is perfectly demonstrated by the plain recipes, only including two ingredients. Norlyk Classic Gin is made from first- and second-year junipers and orange peel. The first-year juniper including the twigs for adding extra bitterness to the gin. The taste is extremely smooth and pure, with supple texture and its very own round character. This London Dry gin deserves to be enjoyed in its purest form neat or with a simple tonic, ice and a dried orange wheel for underlying this note of the gin.

The fine details in the historic building and beautiful old courtyard with cobblestones make the surrounding perfect a gin and tonic in the sun. Thanks Norlyk Distillery for a wonderful afternoon, and as rest of your customers will we keep coming back enjoying your unique gin in the atmospheric setting of the distillery.


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