Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Magic Number!

Serve this magic number, and the audience love only you!
No even Harry Houdini could have designed at better number as his top performance act. No. 224 will caught you stoked in front of the bottle until it’s empty, and exactly as an illusionist trick it is beyond belief how this bottle out of the air went from full to empty. This number is a pleasure for 2day 2morrow & 4ever, hence the name No. 224 gin.

In the nose the citrus notes is hidden under the blanket, but taken the first sip of the neat serving, then the citrus notes is pulled out of the bottle as rabbits out of a top hat in a Magician show in Las Vegas. The gin is illustrious by its obvious citrus notes, but exactly as it should be in a perfect classic gin show then the performance list also including other co-stars as cardamom, bitter orange and some discreet floral notes. However, the absolute star of the show is the glittering and sparkling attendance of the highly dosed juniper berries. Using a gentle and multi-distillation small batch process, the master distiller is able to put the main character in the ideal limelight.

As the beautiful assistant for today’s GT show, we’ve used DASTONIC Ambition from Mistelhain which is elegant supporting the citrus notes from the gin. This combination creates a wonderful tangy mouthful, with a lovely strong and persisting bubbling effect.
Let’s put in this way, our new lucky number will be No. 224. Thanks to the team of No. 224 gin for letting us experience this fantastic gin show from the front row. Hopefully, next time we’ll have the change to drop by ‘behind the scene’ for a personal congratulation with the performance.


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