Distillery Friends of the House Gin

Not Just Another Bottle!

We can’t state it more precisely than our favorite gin-cousins from Norlyk Distillery, doing it by themselves: ‘Not Just Another Bottle!’.
In the beautiful light from the roof windows at the old Book Printing house in Tønder, the two Norlyk cousins have been boosted with a lot of positive creativity and ginspiration in the development stage of this Norlyk Blueberry Gin. The simplicity premise and the respect for the craftsmanship in the distilling process have been continued into this Southern Jutland version of a fruity summer gin.

Norlyk Blueberry Gin is also made from first- and second-year junipers, juniper twigs, but this time with the sweetest locally grown blueberries. The taste is pure and soft, with a ‘blue’ touch of sweetness and acidity from the berries. The result is not just another bottle, it’s a bottle full of superiority – and THE ultimate love, that make their customers coming back to these atmospheric surroundings for more of this magnificent gin.

In respect for the ideas behind this gin, then preferable it must be served in a straight forward tonic over some ice, and of course garnished with some frozen blueberries. A sprig of fresh thyme on the top kicking up the flavor of the blueberries while adding a lengthening complexity to your GT – changing it from pretty good to prize-winning

Jesper and Claus, you’re definitely ‘cousins by gin, and friends by choice’. Thank you  Norlyk Distillery for this flashback to wonderful afternoon in your company in your astonishing distillery.

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