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Ice It

Sometimes it’s all right to take the path with least resistance. Especially, if the short cut have the most amazing scenery, that you wouldn’t have experience on the alternative detour.
Someone say, that You can’t buy happiness, but instead of shaking off your arm behind the bar desk next time having guests, then you by using ‘Ice it’ can prepare amazing cocktails and that’s kind of the same thing. The perfect Sunset Banger cocktail is achieved, simply by – Ice It – Pour It – Garnish It – Enjoy It and finally -Repeat It.

When all hard shaking work is performed by the ‘world-famous TV bartender’ (at least in Denmark) Jesper Schmidt , then you can’t be disappointed – so just relax and enjoy the cocktails with your friends. Don’t worry about the quality of the ‘Ice It’ cocktail concept, every bottle is handcrafted and bottled by the guys from Radius Distillery. The spirit basic of the Sunset Banger is the classic, award-winning ‘Batch no. 18’ gin from Radius Distillery built around Holsteiner Cox apples and clear juniper notes. Beside the gin your also will find orange juice and cranberry syrup in the cocktail.

Thanks Nicolai Frisk for controlling all this creativity in this newly started Cocktail syndicate, so we cocktail lovers already can find four high-quality cocktail variants on the shelves from the ‘Ice it’ series.


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