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Green George

Take all the best from the Slovenian mountains and forests, add some extra love and patriotism by selecting the tastes which pay the hugest respect to the region Bela Krajina – which literally meaning White March. White could very well refer to the white trunks of the birch trees, that are well represented in the forests of this region. The coming popularity of this gin will in the future create pilgrimages and marches of gin lovers through these whitish birch forests. People from all over the world will come to visit the homeland of Green George. Bela Krajina must therefore be a historic predict of the modern interpretation of the march after this new white ‘gold’ in liquid form.

Green George is according to a local folklore a good man dressed in birch leaves, that brings awakening, abundance and growth to Bela Krajina. We don’t know if Mr. Petruna is a little bit green skinned, but we’re sure he will be invited into every home with open arms when arriving with his birch water based gin. Beside the juniper and birch water, then this gin has a lovely touch of local floral patriotism from rosehip, elder, chamomile and yarrow.
The Mediterranean fruitiness from the Imperdibile Wild botanical tonic loves Green George with its sweetness from the wild myrtle berries and fragrant note from the laurel. The tonic is adding a curious awakening and abundance to you and your Green George GT.

Thanks Petriot Gin for being a loyal ‘Petriot’ to the wonderful region of Bela Krajina, and not at least for sharing this local hero. Green George is anything else than frightening and scary. Exactly, as in the folklore this Petriot Gin Green George London Dry is mild, gentle, round but concurrently very mysterious and catchy, and will definitely be invited into many bar cabinets around the world with open arms.

Na zdravje!

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