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silky spun Cocoon

Inside this soft and silky spun Cocoon, we’ve found the most beautiful and elegant butterfly of a gin. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’; this icon and self-promoting quote from the most famous boxer of them all could very well be the description of the gin coming from this Cocoon. Assuming the process of creating your own gin can be frustrating and dark when the deadline of you project speedy coming rumbling like a blinded night train. But in this case this gin is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful.

Although, the recipe of the Cocoon could give you the impression of a very floral and perfumed gin with an typical Mediterranean citrus touch from the Cedar, then the juniper, cardamom and pink pepper actually makes the gin sting hardly like a gingantic bee.
The multiple characteristics and diversity of the nine botanicals that compose the Cocoon gin, and the craftsmanship from the distillation process give the Cocoon Gin a well-defined and recognizable identity of something beautiful. Exactly, as it has to be from something coming out of a cocoon.

Even the most beautiful butterflies will be more outstanding when floating around in a garden full of classic flowers. The stunning flower in our ‘GT garden’ is tonight Devon Tonic Water from Luscombe. This classic and discrete tonic is the perfect matchup for this vibrant and admiralic gin.

Thanks Sarah and Cocoon gin, we felt luxury treated even though we were cocooned on this ordinary Thursday night. Please let us know next time you guys are spinning a new Cocoon for your beautiful assortment, then you are always welcome to do the eclosion in our garden.


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