Distillery Friends of the House Gin On Tour

No ‘0815’ here!

GinCanDo on Summer Tour 2021

Our Summer tour has brought us to Obfelden in Switzerland where we over the weekend had the pleasure to be in the heels of the master distiller from Brennererei Zum Tröpli for 24h.

Beside following manufacturing process from maceration of the juniper to the distillation of the final mono botanical gin distillate, then we also had the chance to join a ‘business meeting’ at one of the local suppliers.  Drüüklang-Bräu delivers beer to a common beer distillate, so as designated master distillers it was our duty to create a quality control of the different beers from their brewery, so the next beer distillate can have an appropriate quality. Thanks master brewer Stutz for the generous servings, your Düüklang brewed assortment is hereby approved.

Thanks Selesia and Stefan for a fantastic and educational weekend at Brennererei Zum Tröpli, and not at least the delicious treatment of Swiss specialities both as liquids and cheeses. This visit was absolutely NOT a ‘0815’, so let us make this a tradition every time we passing Switzerland on our Summer tours.