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Elephant Day

GinCanDO celebrating World Elephant Day 2021!

World Elephant Day is an international day dedicated to preservation, protection and celebration of the world’s elephants. Today, we are saluting all the worlds elephants with an elegintastic serving in our glasses – wearing our new Elephant Gin pin, that is securing better gins & safer elephants.

Please help us, to help Elephant Gin, to make this world a safer place for the elephants by making some ‘pawoos’ for this good cause. Please start by checking out @elephantgin to see how you can get your own cool Elephant Gin pin.

Thanks Agnes and rest of the elephants in the herd. Please keep up the good ‘spirits’ by providing your lovely drops to the gin world, and at the same time contributing 15% of your profits to elephant conservation charities. We’re proud to be your gin friends.


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