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Treasure Hunting

GinCanDo on summer tour

Use the label of this bottle as a treasure map and you’ll find a delicious gin treasure on the shore of Lago Maggiore in the Northern part of Italy. Distilleria Rossi d’Angera has distilled feelings since 1847, and if you find the Latitudine 45 on the gin map – then you also will find some of the best grappas on the market. The distillery has from the beginning been owned by the Rossi-family. During our visit, we had the pleasure to be guided and served by the sixth generation on the distillery; Nicola Rossi.

Despite gin never has been the main product in their portfolio, then Distilleria Rossi d’Angera has been distilling gin long before the ongoing gin boom started, but recently the historic Rossi gin recipe was redefined by new botanicals, thus giving the latitude coordinate to our treasure map; 45.
Latitudine 45 has a lovely classic juniper taste, that is elegant supported by ten other local botanicals collected in the woods around Angera. Mint and orange notes from both bitter and sweet orange are clear on the taste palette underneath the juniper – but strongly supported by rest of the botanicals in a very well-composed gin recipe.

Beside the gins and other spirit type from the assortment of Distilleria Rossi d’Angera , then Nicola also served a very delicious grappa from 1990. Even though, we can’t claim to be grappa specialist then it was clear that we had something special in our glasses. For at moment we actually were in the consideration phase of expanding our universe by a ‘GrappaCanDo’ page as well. Thanks Nicola for opening the door and not at least your grappa universe for us, hopefully we another time will get the chance to meet both you and your very exclusive products.


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