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GinCanDo on Iceland Tour

Stuðlaberg Gin is a well-known quality gin in our consciousness due to the presence in the ‘Nordic Gin House’ which is a collaboration between some of the best small, Nordic distilleries and master distillers from this area.
Therefore, the joy was great when an invitation to visit Hovdenak distillery in Hafnarfjöður just outside Reykjavik was received in our inbox during our Icelandic tour.

Since Stuðlaberg Gin is distilled using the vacuum-distillation technique, then we were surprised and extremely impressed by the sight when entering the door of the distillery. Normally, when distilleries are using this technique, it often looks like a laboratory from the Pharmaceutical industry – but this time we were met by a high-tech and innovative production plant. Every machine, equipment, and the distillery to its entirety was designed and set up by the owners. The distillery was built from the ground up, resulting in becoming one of the most technically advanced distillery in the world. The heating is of course made by geothermal water from the underground of Iceland. Astonishing setup, with a very green profile.

Congratulation Hovdenak Distillery with one of the coolest high-tech distilleries, that we ever have seen. Despite the distillery is modern and high-tech, then you’re also creating some excellent classic spirits. Please remember, that we’ll bother you until you release the special edition of a mono botanical gin based on your potato ethanol – we can’t wait! Thanks Hákon and wife for the guided tour at your gintastic distillery.


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