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On the top of the Western Alps

GinCanDo on summer tour!

In Cuneo at the foot of the windswept Western Alps, we’ve been visiting the Bordiga distillery. The distillery has used these historic walls since Pietro Bordiga in 1888 created his first Vermouth. During the visit we actually had the pleasure with awe to carefully flick through the original ‘spirit bible’ of the distillery including the very first thoughts and recipes of Mr. Bordiga.

Since the last century, Bordiga distillery has distilled the juniper handpicked in the beautiful mountains behind the distillery to produce one of the the oldest Italian gin recipes. Lately, the recipe has been respectful modernized, e.g. meaning that the wood fired still pot still is used for the distilling process of the botanicals from their beloved mountains.
Most of the botanicals used in Bordiga’s products are as the juniper handpicked by mountaineers over alpine pastures, dried in high altitude and then brought down to the distillery. After the tour in the astonishing and historic distillery (and a very long drive), we had the pleasure see these alpine pastures with Riccardo from the Bordiga Distillery as our private mountaineer guide. Even though, our untrained blogger corpuses were maximal burdened during this ‘mountain climb’ from the Elva village, then only one word is covering this experience: Wow.
If we were botanicals, then it should definitely be a botanical growing up in these location before ending as a superiority note in a Bordiga product.

The perfect visit was finalized with some excellent cocktails and a gourmet visit in the local resort restaurant of Elva. Thanks Bordiga 1888 team, Claudio and not at least Riccardo for using your entire day for giving us a lifetime experience in the spirit of Bordiga. We’ll love to come back and see your planed ‘Alpine ‘RD’ Distillery’ in action, when it hopefully soon will be operational in an altitude of 1637m.


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