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Heavenly Howling

GinCanDo on Iceland Tour

Himbrimi Old Tom gin is created as a delicious heater when enjoying the Icelandic nature by fishing in the rivers. It should be good enough to drink on its own when fighting about the fishes in the rivers with the Himbrimi bird -illustrated on the label. But at the same time, it also should be the suitable as the perfect flavoring in your favorite cocktails when chilling out in one of the fashionable cocktail bars of Reykjavik.

Chilling out was precisely what we did, when we had the chance to hang-out with the guys behind Himbrimi in a couple of the best cocktail bars that you can find in Reykjavik.
Exactly, as the Óskar and Junio which are the people behind Himbrimi gin, then their Old Tom gin is both artistic and poetic served in the glasses as cocktail masterpieces.
The Icelandic rivers they’re all surrounded by juniper, arctic thyme and angelica flower, so the inspiration for the gin has been obvious for Óskar. Honey has been used as the perfect Old Tom sweetener – and in the hand of the right bartender then you have the key element for a maginical night.

Thanks Himbrimi Gin for the fashionable bar-crawling tour in the streets of Reykjavik, hopefully we will get the chance to hang-out with you guys without having an eroding volcano deciding the time for the last serving. Skál or should we instead joyful be ‘heavenly howling’ with the Himbrimi birds.

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