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Before starting our own exploring of the beautiful island of Iceland, shaped by the powers of the four basic elements – earth, wind, water & fire in a dramatic way, then we needed some advices from a true explorer. Eggert Ólafsson has explored every corner of the country, and recorded his findings from thundering waterfalls and volcanoes to geysers and glaciers in the antiquarian’Travel In Iceland’ book- so whom else could be the point of access to the perfect Iceland tour. Luckily, someone had heard our payers – followed by an invitation to an drop by the old harbor of Reykjavik.

In a warehouse in the outermost located part of the harbor, we were met by Ólafsson personated on the label of a gin bottle. Since then aim of the Ólafsson gin is to capture the the purity and beautiful freshness of the Icelandic nature, then the Ólafsson gin was excellent underlined by the rainy and stormy weather outside the windows.
After some browsing after sightseeing points in an early edition of the Travel book by Ólafsson, written in 1752-1757 by order of the Danish Majesty – then we were ready for some internal Icelandic inspiration from the gin in our glasses.

Thanks Vala, Arnar and rest of Olafsson gin team for the invitation- mission completed since your gin actually succeeded to transport us to a magnificent glacier and to the ocean side watching the waves roll in on the black sand beach. Looking forward to explore your gin in our GinCanDo-lab for a coming post, hopefully finding new Icelandic notes, reminding us of a fantastic visit.


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