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Mock Negroni

There is no Negroni without Campari. However, four days into the Negroni week our bottle is empty, so good advices are worth the cost to find a way to broke the Negroni role #1 – since our liquid store is closed for the day.
How do you replace this prominent herbal flavor, that furthermore is adding an extreme bitterness to the cocktail. You can’t find a 1:1 substitute, a Negroni connoisseur will certainly conclude – but since we’re just ‘gin bumblebees’ that don’t know that we can’t Negroni fly, then we definitely give it a try.

We’re maintaining three-ingredients cocktail concept by stirring equal parts of the down listed spirits from our friends from Bordiga 1888
· Smoke Gin
· Rosso Vermouth
· Aperitivo

The combination of the three spirits and some drops from the Angostura orange bitter recap the rooty notes supplemented with some deep dark fruit flavors, exactly as it has to be in a good Negroni. Although thís ‘mock Negroni’ is certainly bitter, the cocktail is balanced by sufficient sweetness to make it incredibly palatable.


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