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Blue Moon

We’ll have a Blue Moon tonight. It’s very rare to see a moon that’s actually blue in color, but tonight we’ve the chance to experience this natural phenomenon in our glasses.

Lune Bleue gin from La Distillerie Du Renard is the colorful product of a France manifest; ‘Manifeste de la gnôle naturelle’. Pardon my French, but it means something like ‘Manifest of natural moonshine’ – apropos the name of the gin.
A little simplified, then the signatory distillers and supporters of the manifest are dedicated adherent of reminding people that spirits are made from agricultural materials. If we as consumers want a quality product, we’ve to know where it comes from. To best respect the aromatic expression of raw materials, it’s necessary to pay attention to the origin of the latter and not to add inputs during the manufacturing process.
These ‘natural’ distillers wish to expose their manufacturing method and explain what sets them apart from the industry, from many so-called artisanal distilleries and from the European label “Organic Agriculture”, which is increasingly flexible towards inputs.

We love dedication and commitment, but in the end it’s only words in a manifest if you don’t have a product that can underline your believing. So did the Lune Bleue, actually shine bright in the gin sky? The gin has a delicious white wine base, that throughout a triple distillation process has been transformed to a tasteful spirit. Powerful local herbs has been added the spirit to complete the transformation process from white wine to a full-blown natural gin with perfect aromatic expression of juniper, citrus and liquorices.
Not sure, if the used tonic is bad or good according to the manifest, but it’s certainly the perfect partner for tonight’s Blue Moon GT.

Thanks La Distillerie Du Renard for the perfect introduction to ‘Manifeste de la gnôle naturelle’- and your Lune Bleue gin is definitely the perfect ambassador for these interesting thoughts.

À Votre Sante!

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