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Fuel the Dream

‘Lubricants for improved ginning and spinning’ is the title of a tedious technical scientific report of a well-reputable magazine in the cotton manufacturing industry. However, the title is much more perfect and sparkling when used for describing this ENGINE. Unquestionably, we were both ginning and spinning after the first meeting with this eye-catching gin. The design is a celebration of the cool ‘art-deco styled’ oil and fuel cans from the 80s, and the subculture around motocross and car racing from this period.

Exactly, as expected when visually enjoying the exterior of the ENGINE, then this gin is timeless as the Dodge Charger from the successful TV-series ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ from the 80s, that also has been an important inspiration source for this ‘Oil can universe’.
The ENGINE is perfectly ignited with a perfect taste explosion from the juniper Engine power, and a greatly citrus vaporization on the backseat of your tongue. ENGINE is a London dry gin hand-crafted small batch gin from Alta Langa region in the north-western part of Italy. Its octane formula is closely associated with Italian and Piedmont traditions, paying tribute to Rosolios, Cordials and other liquors made from sage and lemon. Beside juniper, citrus and sage, then you also can find liquorices roots and Damask rose in the exhaust gas of this ENGINE.

Tonight we’ve fueled the ENGINE with some Gazzosa from Imperdibile which is the perfect turbo for this ENGINE. The Gazzosa is compressing the flow of more scent into the ENGINE for a delicious citrusy combusting effect in the final taste explosion.

Your slogan ‘Fuel The Dream’ has certainly been fulfilled by tonight’s serving. Thanks for the ride. ENGINE gin, we have been honored to drive and not at least being in the workshop with you trying to tune our ENGINE for maximum output and improvement of the gin overall performance.

Bevi responsabilmente – Saluti!

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