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Museum with a Glass Wall

‘The process of creating our gin felt a lot like painting. Pure alcohol being the canvas, botanicals and berries being the paints’. With these poetic words from one of the co-founders; Tarvo Jaansoo in the back of our minds, then this modern art museum was opened for today’s cultural servings in our glasses. GinCanDo are on the exact same culturally page as Mr. Jaansoo; a gin bottle filled with gin art is nothing less than a museum with a glass wall – our senses can be pleased, amused and delighted for hours in such arty environment.

The latitude of the birthplace of Junimperium Navy Strength gin has giving it a delicious ABV-power of 59,26%. The gin is intense, strong but still very complex. The full-bodied gin is vey classically complemented by intense citrusy notes for a commanding navy finish. The unique taste of Junimperium is achieved by uniting three of the world’s best juniper varieties in combination with classic quality gin botanicals such as angelica root, coriander seeds, cubeb pepper and lemon peel.

A perfect helmsman for this full-blown sailor of a gin, must be the Junimperium Sloe Gin that with its distinctive fruity sweetness – elegantly can tame the naughty and rude Navy-manners. The perfect cocktail for this mix-up, must definitely be a Navy version of the 90s classic ‘Wibble’:

· 6 cl Junimperium Navy Strength gin
· 4 cl Junimperium Sloe gin
· 4 cl Fresh lemon juice
· 2 cl Créme de Mure
Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and add plenty of ice to the shaker to cool the cocktail. Shake well, strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnished with an dried lemon wheel on the top.

Thanks Bettina and Spitus.dk for the invitation to Junmperium’s modern museum of ‘our kind of art’, please let us know if you another time need a tour-companion to this or another ‘museum’. Already looking forward to redeem the Lingonberry ticket.


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