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Sunshine Gin

Bornholm is called ‘the Sunshine Island’ since it’s the sunniest area in Denmark. Based on this proclamation, then we have apparently been bathing in sunshine and good gin in the recent months. The true spirits of Bornholm have faithful followed us as the well-liked companion that always outshine the others. Pleasantly, we have had the delight of meeting Martin from Bornholm Distillery and not at least his shining gins at both Copenhagen Gin festival and Bar Convent Berlin during the recently passed period.

Bornholm Gin is the authentic taste of Bornholm. Beside the classic gin botanical such as juniper, coriander, lemon zest, lavender, then this London Dry gin is made on sea buckthorn from Ibsker, gooseberries from Svaneke and mulberry leaves from Rønne. As a result of the local sunny climate, then the ‘Diamond of Bornholm’ which is a local variety of the common fig has also found its way to this interesting recipe.
The local diamond adding a sweet and fruity appearance with a little twist of a honey note. The gin is well-balance between the fruity sweetness and the acidity from the sea buckthorn, and in combination with the
true ginuine botanicals then you getting a welcoming classic gin with greenish, fresh and fruity profile.
We recommend drinking the Bornholm Gin with a sunny style tonic over plenty of ice garnishing with a dehydrate lemon wheel and a fresh mint leave. We’ve found the perfect summer tonic in the neighbor booth of the bar convent last week in Berlin; Dastonic Trend Tonic Water. The distilled strawberries from the tonic matches the sunny profile and not at least the fig note from the gin excellent.

Very appropriate to use the common Danish drinking salutation; ‘Skål’ – when drinking this gin since researching actually recently has located the first documented use of the Danish word for cheers in a court record from Bornholm dated on 5 September 1555. ‘Skål’ and thank you Martin and Bornholm Distillery for throwing some sunlight in our direction.

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